Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Final Thoughts...

Now that I've been back in Canada for a week, I've had a bit of time to reflect on my experiences while in India.  What I've realized is that being part of the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Program has been one of the most rewarding and amazing experiences of my life.  I've learned more than I could have imagined about Indian culture, made lifelong friends and developed a new found appreciation for my life in Canada.  The Global Village Program has reignited my desire to give back and instilled a new desire to do what I can to improve the lives of others...I foresee another GV trip in my future!!!   

A few things that are noticeably different since returning home:
  • the lack of chaotic traffic, horns honking and cattle on the road
  • no extreme heat or humidity...just lots of rain!
  • much blander food...I'll have to work on my cooking skills to spice things up
  • no one carrying bricks, sticks, pots or bags on their head
  • clothing is much less colourful and takes talent to put on a sari everyday
  • no coconut trees to climb when you need a little something to drink
  • less people wanting their picture taken
  • drinking much less than 5L of water a day
  • and yes...the toilets!!!!

 There are however many things I will miss and remember about my time in India:
  • seeing the smiling faces of the many children and people of the village
  • having breakfast every morning with 12 great people from across Canada
  • relishing in the beauty of the women in their and play
  • experiencing the sheer magnificence of the Taj Mahal
  • meeting parents and students planning to move to Nova Scotia for university
  • speaking to children who are so proud of their accomplishments
  • the hard working people of India
  • coming back to the hotel sweaty and dirty, but invigorated and excited for the days ahead
  • going to bed every day knowing you've made a difference in someone's matter how big or small

Thank you for sharing in the experience and I hope you join me next time...until then!!!

Lisa :)

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