Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2: Digging Holes

Today we were off again at 8:30am ready for another day of digging.  By 9:30am we were given our instructions and put into three groups....two for digging the 12 holes for the foundations of two houses and two to sift soil that will be used at another house.  Another hot, sweaty and productive day!!!

Today we had lots of little visitors to our site.....many of the local children are very interested in seeing what we are doing.  We also found out they like to have their pictures taken and then view them on the camera....so cute!!  I found the heat today very exhausting since one of the holes we were digging was in the sun the entire time.....lots of shift work was needed for that hole.

We heard that the homeowner was very happy with our progress yesterday and that he didn't expect us to complete so much work in our first day.  He actually said he probably wouldn't have had as much work done if he had to hire someone.  40% of the cost to build a home is in the foundation, so the work that we are doing is saving the homeowner a lot of money.

We had a few visits from a little boy and the homeowner's mother.  She brought him over to say hello, but he started crying once he got close....not yet ready to meet the foreigners I believe.  Many of the villagers have been watching us as we work.  First because they not used to this kind of activity taking place by outsiders and second because many of them work in the fields from 4am to 8am and then again in the late afternoon when electricity is provided by the government for free.

We finally finished our six foundation holes at 3pm....success a sense of accomplishment!!  The other team has had much more difficult ground to work with, so they have yet to finish...only one hole left for them.  We headed back to the city around 4:00pm after another fantastic day of working, meeting the people of the village and oh yes, checking out the only toilet in the village!!!!!

Until tomorrow....

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